Bisqit is a social food community that aims to make all of your meals unforgettable. Bisqit connects people through their mutual love for food and allows users to share their culinary adventures with others beyond the dinner table.

Bisqit was founded by Catherine Zhu in 2013.

Signing up for Bisqit and using the site and app are completely free.

If you wish to advertise on Bisqit or to promote Bisqit, please email Social@Bisqit.com

How it Works

A Bisq is a picture or video post that may consist of a title, recipe, restaurant name, location, or a description.

My Feed is your homepage. You will see the activity of people you follow. This includes when they post something new and when they Favorite or Re-Bisq a post from another person.

Explore Bisqs is a feed that shows you a variety of posts from other people on the site who choose to share their Bisqs with the whole community.

You can upload in two ways. At all times there will be an “Upload A Bisq” button on the right side of the navigation bar. 

As the Bisq'r, you can edit your posts by going to the Bisqs tab in View Profile, selecting which post you’d like to edit and then clicking on the edit button on the top right corner of the photo. Once you have made the desired edits, you can save the changes by clicking on the Submit Bisq button.

Go to View Profile and all the Bisqs you have ever posted will be there. 

You can search users, dishes, tags, restaurants and recipes. You can also find things that have been posted nearby. You can sort your search results by Most Recent and Most Relevant. 

To Re-Bisq is to share another user’s Bisq with your followers.

You can easily link your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts to Bisqit by connecting them when you sign up for Bisqit. If you are already a user of the site, you can go into Settings, click on the social tab and follow the prompts connect your accounts from there.

When uploading a Bisq, at the bottom of the page above the Submit Bisq button are Twitter and Facebook icons. Simply select each icon and when you submit a post and it will automatically post to your accounts.

On each Bisq, there is a share icon. If you select that it will pull up buttons for Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Click the button for the network you’d like to share on and follow the prompts.


To follow a user, you can simply click the “Follow Me” button in a person’s profile. To find a user, search his or her name in the search bar in the top right corner of the page. In the search results, click the Users tab and you can follow by clicking white and teal icon on the right. 

Following a user means that you will see his or her activity on your My Feed homepage. This includes when they post, Favorite or Re-Bisq another user’s Bisq.

No. If you follow a user, he or she is not automatically following you. That person will have to choose to follow you, and vice versa. If a user follows you, you will have to choose to follow that person back in order to see his or her Bisqs in your “My Feed”.

In Settings, there is a Privacy tab. On the tab you will see several options you can select to set your profile to a privacy level that you are comfortable with. There is an option to “Allow people to follow you without request”. By selecting yes, anyone who clicks “Follow” on your profile will be able to follow you. If you select no, you will receive a notification when a user requests to follow you.


We honor the privacy settings per account; therefore, information that you do not wish to make public will be protected. You can also refer to our Terms & Conditions.

If you go to the Settings page, there is a tab labeled privacy. This tab has several options that will allow you to set your profile to a privacy level you are comfortable with.