About Bisqit

Bisqit is a social food community that aims to make all of your food experiences unforgettable. Bisqit connects people through their mutual love for food and allows users to share their culinary adventures with others beyond the dinner table.

Whether you're interested in just seeing what your inner circle is chowing down on or in exploring how the rest of the world experiences food, you can get inspired by the dishes others post and transform the way you enjoy a meal!

So how does it work? Check out some tips to get you started below.


Connect with Others

  • Explores Bisqs to discover new connections.
  • Search the site for people you know.
  • Connect your social networks to Bisqit to find friends on the site.


Post a Bisq

  • You're probably asking, "What is a Bisq?" A Bisq is a picture or video that may consist of a title, recipe, restaurant name, location or description.
  • Post a Bisq to start sharing your food memories with friends, family and more. Simply locate the "Upload" button on the top right corner of the site and follow the prompts to upload.


Discover New Foods, Restaurants and Recipes

  • Search the site to find new foods that you've yet to try.
  • Use the Search Function to find what people are posting nearby.
  • Find a recipe or restaurant you've been hoping to check out.

Start sharing, discovering and chronicling food memories and experiences with the world. Share a taste of your life!

Get started here.